Project Management Training

Project managers plan, track and control the time, cost and scope of their project(s). Many project managers seek the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification to prove their high level of education, experience and skill in this career path. The PMP credential, administered by PMI (Project Management Institute), identifies project managers who have attained formal education and experience, and are highly skilled in their field.

Impacts Of PMP Certification

Professional Recognition

Project managers who take the additional steps required to earn their PMP credential receive recognition for their expertise as experts in the field of project management, from employers, customers and peers. Those who hold a PMP certification have met stringent requirements including formal education, documented experience and working knowledge in the project management field to pass the extensive examination.

Ethics and Professional Conduct

Employers know they can expect a high level of ethical behavior and professionalism from those who have earned their PMP. All PMI members and professional project managers who hold a credential from PMI are required to uphold the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. This extensive agreement contains the following chapters: Vision and Applicability, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness and Honesty. The full agreement can be found in the PMP Handbook.

Higher Salary

According to PMI, project managers who have earned the PMP credential often earn higher salaries due to their certification. Those who take the extra step to earn their certification show commitment to the project management career path. Additionally, the PMP certification prepares you for and often leads to a higher level of career responsibility, additional opportunities and career advancement.

Additional Networking

PMI offers additional networking options to those who have earned their PMP certification. It has organized local chapters and special interest groups you can join to network with other project managers in your community, as well as extensive online communities. Additionally, PMI has created an online career headquarters allowing PMPs to search for jobs, post their resumes and receive career advice.

Enhanced Marketability

For many project management job openings, you won't even be considered without the PMP certification. Even one it is not required, employers look at the credential as a preference when looking at prospective employees. Employers recognize that those with a current PMP not only are required to meet the stringent requirements to initially earn the PMP certification, but also must keep their skills and knowledge up to date through continuing education.