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What is P.M
Project Management is a multi-discipline profession that cuts across diverse fields. It is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, methods, techniques, and tools applied to projects to ensure they are delivered on time, within budget and to specifications
Who is a project manager?
The above definition doesn’t tell you what a Project Manager(PM) does, so think of the PM as the ‘go to guy’ he makes everything tick. He is the guy that developed the plan for the new product your company is introducing, he is the communication bridge between top management and customers/vendors, he motivates those in his team, he helps to identify what work/task to be completed, he developed the budget for the new project, he ensures the quality of output doesn’t drop, he tries to anticipate and mitigate all possible risk on the project. The Project Manager is Super Man without the red cape in your company.’ Kindly note he is usually one of the highest paid employees in your organization.
How can P.M benefit me?
  • Increase your earning potentials
  • Position you for promotions and secondment within your organization
  • Expand and boost your employment potentials for any industry (Oil & gas, ICT, Telecommunications, Construction, Manufacturing, Training & Consulting, Aviation, Business Management etc. )
  • Improve your skill sets and knowledge base.
  • Define a career path for you and develop you as a world class professional
  • You can become a member of an elite group with international credentials
What discipline(s) is P.M most appropriate?
Project Management cuts across several disciplines. So if you are thinking, I studied Literature it can’t be for me. Well you are quite wrong. Project Management play actively in several disciplines. These include, Business Administration, Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Telecommunications, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, Education, Accounting and Financing.
Are there employment opportunities for P.M in Nigeria?
Project Management is one of the fastest growing professions in Nigeria, companies are beginning to employee more skilled man power from the discipline. The chart below will give you an insight to some of the Project Management opportunities in different industries.
S/No Industry/Sector A few of the Projects in each sector
1 Banking
  • Implementing a new accounting software
  • Opening a new branch office
  • Introducing a new product in the market
2 Oil and Gas
  • Kindly think of the Oil and Gas sector as the haven for all Project Managers, practically everything is a project.
3 Telecommunications
  • Network coverage expansion
  • Roll out of new services and products
  • Upgrade of network infrastructure
4 Information Technology
  • Development of a website or database for a client
  • Setup of VSAT infrastructure in diverse locations
5 Training and Consulting
  • Developing a new programme/curriculum
  • Designing a flow process/chart for a client
  • Performing quality audits for public sector projects
6 Construction
  • Construction of 4 bedroom duplex
  • Construction of a 30 kilometre road
What is the average salary for project managers?
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification holders earn an average annual salary of $101,695 approx. N15,000,000.
How do I become a project manager?
Step 1: Obtain Project Management Education
Step 2: Obtain Project Management credentials (Certifications)
Step 3: Join a professional Project Management Body/Association
Step 4: Put your Project Management education into practice
What is P.M education / training?
Project Management skill acquisition training + Certification examination prepping
Project Management education is the training and application of Project Management methods, techniques, skills, tools and prepping for international certification examinations. Kindly note that training directed towards certification examinations alone will not prepare you to becoming a project manager.
Where can I obtain the P.M education / training?
There are several training outfits that offer Project Management training, but you must be careful when deciding where you want to obtain your education, most training programmes are structured towards obtaining certifications. So, when you have decided to obtain your Project Management education, seek institutions that will train you to obtain your certification in addition to imparting the necessary skills and knowledge required to excel as a Project Manager.

Gigastreams consulting offers Project Management Education. P&F curriculum has been designed to ensure you obtain your international Project Management certification at the first attempt and also impart practical Project Management skills, knowledge, tools and methods. Get Project Management education today.

What is the training duration?
The training is in six (6) days
What are the training days?
Week days and weekends
What is the training time?
The training time is 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Do I get a certification on completion of the training?
Yes, every participants who fulfil the requirements of the training will be awarded a certificate of completion attesting to your participation in the programme.
Where are the training locations?
The training location is in Lagos.
Does the training offer job placement?
The training does not offer job placement services, but we assist our trainees to prepare their CV, prospect for jobs that match their profiles and make recommendations for openings with partners and affiliates
What are the requirements to participate in the training?
Anyone with tertiary institution education can participate in the training, irrespective of your back ground and discipline
How much is the registration fee and tuition?
The registration fee is N5000 and the tuition is N65,000 summing up to a total of N70,000
What does the training fee cover
The training fee will cover all materials required
  • 36 Contact Hours of Training
  • Free Lunch (Buffet)
  • Fully Air Conditioned Training Hall
  • Free Lecture CDs
  • Practice Questions on CD
  • PMI Handbook
  • Branded Jotter & Pen
  • Certificate of Completion
How do I register for the training?

Visit our office and pick up a registration form
Pay the registration fee of N5,000 to Gigastreams account before the deadline date
Submit completed form and the copy of bank teller to our office before the registration deadline date
Pay the tuition of N45,000.00 to Gigastreams ac-count before the deadline date
Submit a copy of the bank teller to our office before the tuition deadline date

Is there any the professional certifications I can obtain?
There several certifications you can obtain to boost your credentials, check the table below. Kindly note the list below is not exhaustive, we have only selected certifications that are popular amongst employers in Nigeria.
S/No Certification Organizing Body Information Source
1 Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Institute (PMI)
2 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Project Management Institute (PMI)
3 PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE 2) Office of Government Commerce UK
4 CompTIA Project + Computing Technology Industry Association
Are the certifications locally and internationally recognized?
All the above listed certifications and organizations are global institutions, PMI is the leading professional body for project management practitioner globally. The PMI organised certifications (PMP and CAPM) are highly sought after by Nigeria employers.
What is PMP?
PMP is an acronym for Project Management Professional, the PMP certification examination is organised by PMI. PMP certification confers on its holders a global recognition as a certified Project Management practitioner. PMP certification holders are the highest paid professionals worldwide and the professionals are one of the most sought after in any industry. For further information on the PMP certification examination visit
What is CAPM?
CAPM is an acronym for Certified Associate in Project Management, CAPM certification examination is organised by PMI. The CAPM certification is suitable for fresh graduates or individuals with no professional experience. CAPM certification holders are ranked amongst the highest paid professional globally. For further information on the PMP certification examination visit
Why should I train with Gigastreams?
Five reasons why you should choose Gigastreams
  • We have a 100% success rate, all our trainees who took up the PMP certification examination passed at the first attempt.
  • Money back guarantee, after attending the first class and you are not satisfied with the training we will refund you the tuition fee paid.
  • Our training portal ensures you never miss a class, just login with your credentials and review lessons taught, take test and complete project work.
  • We don’t just train you to pass the certification examination, we give you tools and valuable skill sets through our mentoring and case study reviews.
  • Our facilitators are seasoned professionals with years of experience, they are patient and treat each trainee with special attention
Gigastreams affiliated or accredited by any professional body?
Gigastreams is a Registered Educational Provider with Project Management Institute.
Where will the Gigastreams training take place?
The PM training will take in the locations below:
  • Laogs
Where is Gigastreams Administrative office?
Our office is located at the address below
  • Jasmine Hall of Orchid Hotels
    Plot 3, Dreamwordl Africana Way
    After Chevron Roundabout
    Ikota, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos.
Does Gigastreams offer training outside the named location?
No we don’t, but we are working hard to ensure more study centres are established to accommodate the growing demand for our training services.